14 Apr 20


Dear friends,  

It’s like a movie we never really wanted to see: the schools are empty, the cafes are closed and the streets are quiet. The whole world is working together to suppress the coronavirus. In the coming time, we will stay home with each other for our loved ones. Because of the virus, museums, fairs, and galleries have regrettably closed their doors. We are now in our homes, our safe havens.  

We, the Jimmy Nelson Team, strive to create art at the highest level of aspirational aesthetic. We continue to mould a connection, inspiration, and mutual respect between people from cultures all over the world and the natural habitat they live in. Because now more than ever, it is a time for reflection, creativity, and togetherness. We are staying at home. We are reading books, we are talking, we are feeling, we are listening and finding a new way to be.  We are beginning to realise we have to think differently.  

In the past few weeks, many communities around the world have been brought closer together. Unconsciously, many feel that what is happening in the world is a signal that we need to take better care of each other and the earth. We feel connected to people on the other side of the world and thus, we will heal. Every crisis is also an opportunity. We hope that the current epidemic will help humankind realise the danger posed by global disunity. Humanity needs to make a choice. Will we travel down the route of disunity, or will we adopt the path of global solidarity? Let us choose global solidarity. Let us be united in diversity.  

We send you lots of love, health, and prosperity,  

With warm regards,
The Jimmy Nelson Team

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