05 Mar 21

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Intimate, compelling and life-affirming – the portraits of Bryan Adams have placed him on the world stage alongside the most celebrated photographers working today. World-famous too, of course, for his success as a singer, songwriter and producer, his photographic output spanning more than 20 years has earned him equally remarkable critical acclaim. Beyond these achievements, he has also dedicated his life to humanitarian work. A vegan for over three decades, he has long been at the forefront of animal rights and environmental causes worldwide. Whatever Bryan Adams happens to be doing, he uses his profile and his compassion to steer our gaze, move our heart, and shift our consciousness.

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Bryan’s multifaceted works and humanitarian beliefs show us contrasting worlds that range from celebrity and glamour, to trauma and hardship. Always exploring and emphasising with the uniqueness and complexity of individuals in a way that relates on a basic, universal level.
Atlas Gallery will inaugurate the collaboration with an exhibition dedicated to the series Homeless, opening on Thursday 22 of April 2021. To view the series please click here