05 Mar 21

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“To continue our series of promotions and online exhibitions celebrating Les Rencontres d’Arles, which this year was sadly, but unavoidably cancelled, I am delighted to present the brand new Guardians Portfolio of Limited Edition prints by Photographer Julia Bostock. This will be the first in a series of photographers’ portfolios we are planning in the future with artisan Collotype printers Benrido, in Kyoto, Japan.

I hope you enjoy these beguiling works. With prices for individual framed prints starting at under £200 I hope they will offer you an atmospheric taste of Provence and an introduction to the unique, delicate vision of Julia’s work.”

Ben Burdett

“It all started with a trip to Arles. We were invited to a party in the middle of the dusty Camargue. It was a community festival to celebrate the branding of young bulls. The field was mostly full of male horsemen, known as ‘Guardians’, except for one 16 year-old girl whose confidence and poise shone out and spoke to me. Her name was Melodie.

Serenely she held the reigns of four horses in the midst of the busy scene, while the Guardians jumped off together and brand the bucking, writhing young animals.

I followed her, we talked and thus began a year during which I photographed her with her young friends — both human and equine — and their beautifully simple life in harmony with the natural world.”

Julia Bostock

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